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No more red-light camera tickets in Glendale

Photo by Purple Wyrm via Flickr Creative Commons

Glendale police, like their Los Angeles counterparts, will no longer issue citations for violations caught on the city's red-light cameras. 

Officials said the decision, which took effect Feb. 24, was made because the program had become a burden on resources -- the officier assigned to reviewing violations was needed out in the field, reports the Glendale News Press.

Phoenix-based Redflex Traffic Systems, camera system's operator, received a letter from police last month notifying the company that they were terminating the program. 

Program costs had been paid by camera-caught citation revenue, according to officials, but the city was just breaking even after a drop in violations.

Glendale's move comes eight months after the Los Angeles City Council and Police Commission unanimously voted to terminate their red-light camera enforcement for an array of reasons, including its cost effectiveness and payment of the tickets.

While state laws allow police agencies to use red-light cameras for enforcement, recent successful litigation challenging the legality of those citations also played a role in the decision to stop the program, Public Works Director Steve Zurn said.

More than 5,800 red-light camera citations were issued last year. Motorists with pending tickets should check the status with local courthouses.

Police say they will not pursue citations issued before Feb. 24, and will not contest a ticket that's challenged in court. Those who paid fines and pleaded guilty to tickets before Feb. 24, however, will not be reimbursed.

Maybe the cameras could be repurposed to keep an eye on bears?