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Schlepgate 2012: Six nights of 405 freeway closures begin Friday (Updated)

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Carmageddon's attention-starved cousin, let's call her "Schlepgate," will arrive this weekend with a trunkful of 405 closures likely disrupt the city's stop-and-go flow.

The same stretch of 405 freeway that shut down in dramatic fashion in July 2011 will be worked on again, but this time only at night. In total, six nights of Sepulveda Pass closures are planned for the 405 portion between the 101 Freeway and Getty Center Drive.

The first banishment begins Friday with northbound* lanes on lockdown at 10 p.m. On-ramps and off-ramps could stop allowing traffic as early as 7:00 p.m. Lanes will reopen by 5:00 a.m. Saturday morning. 

Saturday night will see northbound* lanes close again, and reopen Sunday, on approximately the same timetable. On Monday and Tuesday night, the southbound* lanes will close in a similar fashion. Southbound lanes will repeat the drill one more time the following week.

Sepulveda Boulevard will continue to star in its role as non-freeway alternate during all of the shut downs.  

The basics:

If the potential chaos and confusion leave you missing the days of straightforward Carmageddon and its inescapably annoying, yet super effective, media campaign, don't fret. It will return when the other side of the bridge is torn down later this year.

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*Directional closures updated from an earlier version of the post