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Abuse accusations didn't stop LAUSD substitute teacher from teaching in Inglewood

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An LAUSD substitute teacher was investigated three times for sexual misconduct with students before he quit in 2007 to work for the Inglewood Unified School District, the L.A. Times reported today.

George Hernandez, 45, was never arrested or charged in the LAUSD cases.

But when the third investigation was completed, Hernandez quit teaching in L.A. and started working for the Inglewood Unified School District.

There, he taught for nearly three years before police found a videotape they say shows him molesting a second-grade girl at school in Inglewood. He was charged, but fled, and is a fugitive.

"This is an outrage," Kathleen Carroll, an attorney who worked for the state Commission on Teacher Credentialing, told the Times.

A few other points from the Times story:

• LAUSD could find no evidence it reported Hernadez to the state credentialing commission, which would have prevented him from working in other districts.

• The Inglewood school district broke its own policy by not doing a full background check on Hernandez.

• The mother of the Inglewood girl is suing, alleging that LAUSD is liable for not taking action against Hernandez.

• Many teachers are protected by labor rules, but substitute teachers serve at the will and can be fired at any time.