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LA fact finding frenzy follows discovery of Ice Cube's exact 'Good Day'


There is officially no mystery left in the universe. This week, the rap riddle of Ice Cube's 1993 LA-centric anthem "It Was a Good Day," was finally solved.

After decades of what we can only assume was rigorous assessment, complex computation, and lots of snacks, the website Murk Avenue made a bold assertion: The exact date of Ice Cube's "Good Day" in LA was... January 20, 1992. National Good Day Day.

Following song cues and clues it was determined to be the only day that Yo MTV Raps was on air, the sky was clear, beepers were in widespread use, the Lakers beat the SuperSonics, and Ice Cube had no planned events. 

Naturally, this sparked an inspired online debate among Los Angeles historians and general practice contrarians.

Called into question was the validity of the research, the accuracy of the fact checking, the number of Good Year blimps in the city, almanac weather data for Compton, television lineups, sports stats, electronics usage, Boyz n the Hood production schedules and so forth.

At present, Murk Avenue's claim continues to go undebunked.