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Weapons of muck destruction found in Echo Park lake drain

Photo via The Eastsider LA

Ready, drain, fire. 

Waterlogged weapons went on display Tuesday night at a progress meeting for the Echo Park Lake rehabilitation project, reports the Eastsider LA

Though it was unclear how long the firearms had been underwater, there was speculation the rifle might be a World War II-era weapon.

No bodies (or bodiless heads, thank goodness) surfaced during the lake drain. Instead, the muck revealed a collection of routine and rusty relics.

Like a La Brea tar pit of ill-fame, the lake funk was hiding such wannabe fossils as pay telephones, toys, shopping carts, hubcabs, traffic cones, hundreds of glass bottles, and a toilet.

$65 million is being spent to clean Echo Park Lake, and a wetland around the island is also being developed as part of the rehabilitation effort.

The water quality improvement project is on track to be finished in May 2013, said officials at Tuesday's meeting.