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'Serial': Listening to the music that propels the true-crime podcast

The "Serial" podcast icon.
Serial podcast

NPR's "Serial" podcast has continued to exert its dominance in the podcast world, with a huge number of listeners and continued buzz on social media. They recently posted more of one of the most mesmerizing pieces of the show: The music.

Indie rocker Nick Thorburn, aka Nick Diamonds, wrote the show's theme song and other music used on the show. Listen to that below:

Mark H. Phillips writes much of the original score for the show. Together, Thorburn and Phillips provide an eerie ambient bed which host Sarah Koenig talks about whether Adnan Syed killed his girlfriend over, keeping spines tingling every Thursday morning. Listen to Phillips' compositions below:

"I think MailChimp did it," Thorburn told HuffPost Entertainment. The music of Thorburn and Phillips will keep audiences listening for the real killer.

Oh, and if you want a song even catchier than that "Serial" theme, go ahead and listen to Funny Or Die's mashup: "Serial Ball," a mixture of that theme with Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball." This tune from Funny Or Die and Chambaland is almost enough to get Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" out of your head.