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Homestar Runner's Strong Bad returns in new music video 'Fish Eye Lens'

New Strong Bad rap video
New Strong Bad rap video "Fish Eye Lens."
homestarrunnerdotcom (via YouTube)

If you were on the Internet in the early 2000s, the hot Web cartoon was Homestar Runner — particularly the series of cartoons featuring his nemesis, Strong Bad. Regular updates stopped about four years ago, but early 2000s Internet icon Strong Bad made a triumphant return this week with a new music video.

You can watch the video above or at this link — one bonus of watching at the Homestar Runner site has always been Easter eggs in the cartoons which you can get by clicking around, but if you don't want to bother, all that extra content is available at the end of the YouTube video above.

The video uses a trope that probably peaked a number of years ago too: the use of a fish-eye lens in a rap video. Strong Bad tackles a number of rap video tropes in the new video, like the use of low-angle shots.

The return had been teased with a series of tweets, teasing fans with the old school nature of Strong Bad and indicating ignorance of modern technology.

Strong Bad tweet 1

Strong Bad tweet 2

Strong Bad tweet 3

Strong Bad tweet 4

Don't feel bad about the Strong Bad creators' absence, though — one of the reasons they've been gone is work on shows including "Yo Gabba Gabba," "Gravity Falls" and "The Aquabats! Super Show!" They've also directed music videos for bands including They Might Be Giants.

They also mocked the long absence of Strong Bad at the 2013 edition of the W00tstock geek comedy and music show:

W00tstock video

If you want to keep reliving the days of Adobe Flash videosn being a big thing, listen to some more classic Strong Bad songs below:

Come On video

Trogdor video