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Weird Al parodies the Pixies in #FirstWorldProblems, the 6th of 8 music videos in 8 days

A screenshot from Weird Al's
A screenshot from Weird Al's "First World Problems."
"Weird Al" Yankovic

"Weird Al" Yankovic is in the middle of releasing eight videos over the course of eight days from his new album "Mandatory Fun," and the first of two weekend videos brings us "First World Problems."

In the song, he takes the #FirstWorldProblems meme and tackles such deep problems as someone calling him on the phone instead of texting, no breakfast menu since he slept in until 2 and only having non-gluten-free cookies available in the airport lounge.

Feel free to assume to assume Al's character in this video — and his self-described "douchey" blonde wig — are from whatever part of Southern California that you hate the most.

The song is a style parody of the Pixies, including a nod to the band with an opening rift lifted from the pixies' "Debaser." Compare it to the original here:


The album's review in Billboard also points out the inspiration drawn from the Pixies' "Hang Wire":

Hang Wire

Yankovic told Diffuser that he was inspired to do the Pixies style pastiche after doing a charity concert with the Pixies. He laid down the track a couple years ago, but kept the final product and its Frank Black vocals under wraps. Recording the song a couple years ago means that the idea of touching on "first world problems" isn't as fresh as it once was, but Yankovic still delivers a sharp parody.

The album's eight music videos, released in a digital eight-day spray, are an ambitious game plan — but it shows Yankovic's grasp of how to grab attention in the current digital media age. His homepage splashes the fact that you can get his album for $5.99 on MP3 from Amazon across the logo at the top of his site.

It's Yankovic's fourteenth album, and the last on his contract after being with his label for over 30 years. Whether he takes his funnymaking independent remains to be seen.

You can watch the rest of the videos Yankovic's released from "Mandatory Fun" thus far below:


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