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Video: Complete channel guide to the Bob Dylan 'Like A Rolling Stone' interactive viral video

Drew Carey hosts
Drew Carey hosts "The Price Is Right" as part of Bob Dylan's interactive "Like A Rolling Stone" viral video.
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Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" came out almost 50 years ago, but that didn't stop him from releasing a music video for the song in 2013. Not only that, but it surprised everyone when it popped up online this week by doing something a lot of people thought was impossible: making a music video that feels like something different.

The interactive video lets viewers flip between 16 channels, where both real TV stars and fake ones lip-synch along to the song as they go about whatever show they happen to be a part of. But what's actually on the thing?

Watch the interactive video here, and follow along with our complete channel listing below (which also includes our best guesses at the real world TV stations and shows inspiring the Dylan Broadcasting System):

121: Music 1 Classics: The Great Hits Zone [VH1 Classic]
122: Music 1 Bass: Big Beats Hour
123: ShopTV: Great Offers for the Wee Hours [ShopHQ, HSN or QVC]
124: History Network: New York, 1930-1940, Inside The Great Depression [History Channel]
125: Moviez: Love is Love (96 min.) [Romantic comedies]
126: TTC: Bachelor's Roses [TLC: "The Bachelor" with maybe a dab of "Real Housewives"]
127: MTC Business: Wall Street Market Update [Bloomberg TV or CNBC]
128: Cuisine: Childhood Flavors [Food Network]
129: Reality Check: Pawn Stars
130: Look TV: Fashion In and Out [Style Network, though it no longer exists]
131: GSC: The Price Is Right [Game Show Network (GSN): "The Price Is Right"]
132: WTFC: Maron [IFC: "Maron"]
133: SportsTime: The Pan-Asia Tennis Tournament [ESPN: "SportsCenter"]
134: Home+: Property Brothers [HGTV: "Property Brothers"]
135: Just For KIDS: Zoey and Socks [Nick Jr.: "Dora The Explorer"]
136: BCC News: The News Desk [CNN]

There are also lots of great moments where the various channels use the lyrics of the song and the context of the show to add some meta-commentary, like the line "vacuum of his eyes" coming as a real vacuum is sold on the shopping channel. Also, proving that Kanye West is the king of all media, West's "New Slaves" gets quoted in the crawl on the business channel. Fans are diving into more of the hidden gems over at Rock Genius.

The video was produced by Interlude, a company which focuses on interactive videos. The company's founder is a musician too, founding the company with his band. They've even avoided a potential pitfall in our mobile age — the video's designed to work on iPhones and iPads, too.

The video came out alongside the new Dylan compilation, "The Complete Album Collection Volume 1." So if you want something old, pick up that collection, and if you want something new, play with that video until your fingers bleed like we may be doing in our free time. Now we just need something borrowed and something blue.

What are your favorite moments in the video(s)? What real TV shows are being riffed on here that we missed? Let us know in the comments.