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'Man of Steel' destructive third act satirized in new Web game

A screenshot from the game
A screenshot from the game "Mass Murderer of Steel," satirizing the film "Man of Steel."
Kyle Baker

The new Superman movie, “Man of Steel,” has come under some criticism from fans upset with a third act that includes massive destruction in the city of Metropolis — particularly with Superman not doing more to take the battle outside the city.

Santa Monica-based cartoonist Kyle Baker decided to parody that with a Web game satire, “Mass Murderer of Steel.” You can send a battling Superman and General Zod into buildings, helpless bystanders and even school buses.

Here’s the game’s official description:

Enjoy high-flying mass destruction as you ignore the hideous death screams of the millions you are pledged to save! Use your super powers to wage a never-ending battle for self-important allegorical bombast! Bludgeon your senses into numbed awe!

BuzzFeed hired a third party consulting company to estimate the damage done to Metropolis in the film in the midst of Superman’s battle with Zod — they estimate 129,000 known killed in the immediate aftermath, over 250,000 missing and nearly a million injured. They also say the initial physical damage estimate would be $700 billion, with the total impact coming to $2 trillion. Oops.

Baker has even worked for DC Comics before on numerous titles, but this one may keep him from being first on their speed dial with their next project.

When contacted by KPCC, Warner Brothers had no comment on the game. Baker had not responded to a request for comment as of press time.

What did you think about “Man of Steel” and the game parody? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

(Hat tip: iFanboy)