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Wonder Woman's new costume: A step forward?

Comic book fans have been in a tizzy ever since it was announced Tuesday that Wonder Woman was getting a new costume (designed by comic book legend Jim lee), as well as a revised origin. It's a significant redesign, while retaining many of the classic elements. For comparison, here's the original, by artist Nicola Scott:

Her new outfit adds a jacket and pants. Critics have pointed out the '90s style of the jacket and the move away from Wonder Woman's iconic look. However, it retains the color scheme, as well as smaller versions of the tiara and the Wonder Woman logo. Her bullet-blocking bracelets are changed into larger bracers. She keeps her Lasso of Truth. It also provides a more demure, covered up look.

Here's Wonder Woman in action in the new gear:

After reading Wonder Woman #600, the fan fear seems to have been too early. It was a well told story as part of a comic that served as a real love letter to the character. It's also set up from the beginning as a change in the storyline timeline, so I wouldn't be surprised to see a return to the previous status quo with some minor alterations within a few years.

Of course, they could also go the route of the new Star Trek and have this new timeline be the new basis for where the story goes. If they do a Wonder Woman movie, this costume seems like it would play better on the big screen, though there could also be a push in the opposite direction to return to the classic costume for a film.

Also from Wonder Woman #600, a couple tributes to Wonder Woman. From artist Adam Hughes:

From Phil Jimenez:

You can also check out new Wonder Woman writer J. Michael Straczynski explaining the redesign, artist Jim Lee talking about the new design, as well as an essay on the importance of Wonder Woman by the star of the '70s television show, Lynda Carter: "Wonder Woman Can Save The World."

(Images via DC Universe: The Source blog)