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Conan O'Brien signs deal with TBS; People talk about TBS for first time ever

I've talked about Conan O'Brien enough here that I think this post officially makes this a Conan O'Brien fan blog. In any case, now that he's signed a deal with TBS, I may be watching TBS for the first time since they stopped carrying another of my favorite programs in 2001, WCW pro wrestling. (I like my sports fake.)

He'll be the lead-in for George Lopez's late night talk show (George Lopez has a late night talk show?), which is getting bumped back to make room for Conan. After what happened with Jay Leno and The Tonight Show, someone needs to alert the irony police.

Conan's also currently on tour with many of his former Tonight Show compatriots, including sidekick Andy Richter. He'll be in Los Angeles on April 24 and 25, but if you want tickets, you'll need to enter the world of secondary ticket sales in order to grab any, as both shows are completely sold out.

Richter did a great interview with The Nerdist podcast, which you can check out here:

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