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In immigration news: Tenn. joins multi-state lawsuit, Arpaio lawsuit, church as sanctuary

Angela Navarro, who is facing a deportation order issued 10 years ago, has found sanctuary at a Philadelphia church.
Angela Navarro, who is facing a deportation order issued 10 years ago, has found sanctuary at a Philadelphia church.
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Tenn. joins multistate lawsuit over immigration - Associated Press Tennessee has become the 25th state to join a lawsuit challenging President Obama's immigration orders. The state attorney general Herbert Slatery said in a statement that the state “cannot sit on the sidelines of this case, when unlawful directives of this magnitude grant lawful presence and other rights like work permits to such a large number.” Immigrant rights advocates estimate 50,000 people in the state would qualify for help under executive action. Obama had chosen to make a speech after his order in Tennessee because of its rapidly growing Latino and Kurdish populations.   

Larry Klayman's immigration arguments get skeptical hearing - Politico Conservative legal activist Larry Klayman, who filed a lawsuit against Obama's executive action on behalf of Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, presented arguments before Judge Beryl Howell in Washington Monday, but appeared to leave little impact on his case. From the story: .".. her quizzical looks and pointed retorts left little doubt that the legal gadfly’s effort will come up short, at least in her courtroom." Klayman is arguing that Arpaio is being harmed by the president's immigration order because "undocumented immigrants return to jail again and again after the federal government declines to deport them."    

Immigrant mom avoids deportation by staying in Philadelphia church- Associated Press Honduran immigrant Angela Navarro who first received a deportation order 10 years ago, has found protection at a Philadelphia church. She's one in a dozen or so immigrants finding sanctuary in churches because immigration officials do not target houses of worship  Her husband and two children live with her at the church, as advocates look for a way to keep her in the country legally. Navarro first came to the US at age 17 to join her parents who had received legal status after escaping the devastation of Hurricane Mitch on Honduras.

How President Obama’s immigration order might affect Las Vegas labor - Las Vegas Sun UNLV law professor Fatma Marouf said that immigrants working in the city's tourism industry will benefit mightily from executive action. Marouf, who runs the school's immigration law clinic, said that many of these workers are currently being exploited by their employers, typically "smaller hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues, as opposed to the Strip’s closely regulated and unionized mega resorts.​" She said under the the immigration order, temporary work visas will be processed more quickly which "should make it easier for skilled and unskilled workers to obtain visas to work in the U.S., which will reduce fraud and exploitation, including labor trafficking. "

Record number at Germany's anti-immigrant rally - Reuters Germany saw its largest anti-immigrant rally on Monday in Dresden, where more than 17,000 sang Christmas carols and listened "to speakers complain about immigrants and asylum-seekers." It was organized by a grassroots group called PEGIDA, or Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West. From the story: '"Germany is not a land of immigration," PEGIDA leader Lutz Bachmann told the cheering crowd, which waved Germany flags and chanted criticism of media it accuses of biased reporting."