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In immigration news: Disenchanted Latino voters, legacy of Filipino farmworkers, kids' court

A Mural in Historic Filipino Town features Filipino labor leaders Philip Vera Cruz and Larry Itliong.
A Mural in Historic Filipino Town features Filipino labor leaders Philip Vera Cruz and Larry Itliong.
Photo by Timothy Biley via Flickr Creative Commons

Hopes Frustrated, Many Latinos Reject the Ballot Box Altogether - New York Times Latino voting participation has been growing, but some organizers worry about losing some of those gains because of increasing disenchantment with President Obama, who's been nicknamed "deporter-in-chief" and lack of action on immigration, an issue the Republican-controlled House has sidelined since the summer.

DHS document: 68,000 illegal immigrants with criminal convictions released in 2013 - The Hill  According to the story, a think tank that wants stricter enforcement of immigration laws acquired an internal Department of Homeland Security document through a lawsuit showing the agency released nearly 68,000 immigrants with criminal convictions in 2013. The Center for Immigration Studies has been critical of the president's plan to review enforcement policies, under pressure from immigration activists. A spokeswoman for Immigrations and Customs Enforcement did not respond immediately for the story.

Filipino farmworkers' 1965 strike a pivotal moment in California - Southern California Public Radio  The new movie "Cesar Chavez" is winning praise for shining a light on the organizing efforts of Latino farmworkers. But some say it glosses over the important role played by Filipino farmworkers in the 1965 grape strike in Delano that gave rise to the United Farmworkers Union.  Kent Wong, director of UCLA’s Labor Center, tells KPCC that "the role of Filipino workers in that struggle has historically been under covered and underreported... Even the United Farmworkers itself was a merger of a Filipino and a Mexican farm labor organization."

Immigration court holds special sessions for kids caught crossing border alone - New York Daily News  The report tells the tale of 3-year-old Ian who crossed the border with the help of two coyotes hired by his mom. The boy was one of dozens of young defendants who went before the New York Immigration Court recently. (He ended up in New York, because that's where family is.) There are increasing numbers of children crossing the border without adults, with the federal department of Health and Human Services estimating about 60,000 will enter the country in 2014, more than an 800 percent jump from 6,560 in 2011.

The Campaign to “Cancel” Colbert - The New Yorker  The controversy over the #CancelColbert hashtag campaign started by Chicago-area activist Suey Park has split Asian-Americans, as shown by essays by Jay Caspian Kang in the New Yorker, and Jeff Yang of the Wall Street Journal who wrote about the "weaponized hashtag."