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In immigration news: Targeting Latino drivers, deported immigrant returns to to US, Asian-Americans and Obamacare

Mexican immigration rights activist Elvira Arellano waits to enter the US in Tijuana, Mexico. Arellano has since returned to the Chicago church where she stayed for a year before she was deported in 2007.
Mexican immigration rights activist Elvira Arellano waits to enter the US in Tijuana, Mexico. Arellano has since returned to the Chicago church where she stayed for a year before she was deported in 2007.
Alex Cossio/AP

DA: Cop accused of targeting Latinos faces hate crime charges - Newsday In another purported case of law enforcement targeting Latino immigrant drivers, a police sergeant in Long Island, NY surrendered Monday for stealing cash from Latino drivers at traffic stops. Charges against Sgt. Scott A. Greene of Shirley include counts of fourth-degree grand larceny as a hate crime.  From the story: "Authorities and advocates have said they believe Latino drivers were singled out because some may be immigrants living in the country illegally who are reluctant to complain." The case is reminiscent of an alleged scheme orchestrated by a police sergeant in the Salinas Valley town of King City to steal impounded cars belonging mostly to Latino immigrants.

Immigration protester back at Chicago church that sheltered her - Chicago Tribune Elvira Arellano, who made headlines for living at a Chicago church for a year before she was deported to Mexico, is back in the US. The immigration rights activist is among the group of 150 or so people without legal status who've been protesting U.S. immigration laws and deportation practices by entering the US through San Diego's Otay Mesa port of entry since last week. After she was paroled by immigration officials, Arellano made her way to Chicago with her baby son and said she plans to stay at the Adalberto United Methodist Church in Chicago, pending an immigration hearing she has later this year.

Arizona Sheriff Arpaio Called to Court Over Training Video - Associated Press  Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and a chief deputy are in hot water with a federal judge. After issuing his findings in a racial-profiling case last year, U.S. District Judge Murray Snow ordered Arpaio's office to take steps such as installing video cameras in hundreds of the agency's patrol vehicles and conducting trainings so officers don't make unconstitutional arrests. But in an October training video, Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan seems to shrug off the judge's orders. Sheridan, is recorded complaining that the judge was putting the sheriff's office under the same restraints as a judge did to the long-troubled New Orleans Police Department." 

Obama Deportation Review Crucial to Hold Latino Support- Bloomberg Latino advocates, labor unions and corporations are the unlikely mix of groups supporting immigration reform, and the review of the U.S. deportation system ordered by President Obama. Last year, there was an average of about 1,000 deportations a day; the president said he wants to "conduct enforcement more humanely." An anonymous source told Bloomberg how that might look: "Senate staff told administration representatives that Obama’s options include stopping the deportations of parents of U.S. citizens and others who would be protected under a Senate bill that passed last year."

Obamacare: Asian-Americans sign up in droves; Latinos disproportionately stay away - San Jose Mercury News  It's been widely-reported that Latino participation in the Covered California health insurance exchange has lagged projections by insurance officials. What's lesser known is that Asian-Americans uptake has been much higher. From the story: "Of the nearly 700,000 people who enrolled in a health plan as of Feb. 28 through the Covered California health insurance exchange and identified their ethnicity, 23.1 percent were Asian or Pacific Islander. Twenty-two percent were Latino. But the statistics are startling when you consider that Latinos make up 38.2 percent of California's population and Asians just 13.7 percent."  One of the reasons, experts say, could be that Obamacare outreach in Asian communities has been more effective than in the Latino community.