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In Immigration News: A discharge petition, Voting Rights amendment and teens' immigration mural

Voting rights advocates worry that a proposed amendment to the Voting Rights Act won't offer enough protection for Hispanic voters and other minorities.
Voting rights advocates worry that a proposed amendment to the Voting Rights Act won't offer enough protection for Hispanic voters and other minorities.
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Proposed Voting Rights Fix May Leave Latinos Vulnerable at Polls - NBC News  Last year, the Supreme Court struck down provisions of the Voting Rights Act that required federal supervision of nine states with a record of discriminating against minorities at the polls. To add teeth back into the law, a bipartisan group of lawmakers including Rep. John Conyers, Jr., D-Mich. and Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt. has offered an amendment to require federal supervision of some states. But Latino advocacy groups worry there are too may flaws with the Congressional proposal. For one thing, it only covers four states — Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi — although the courts could allow the addition of more jurisdictions.

Chuck Schumer backs E.J. Dionne on immigration - Politico  A new idea to force through an immigration bill with a so-called discharge petition appears to be gaining traction. Sen. Chuck Schumer told Politico on Thursday that he backed an idea raised by Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne in which a majority of members of the House would force House Speaker John Boehner to allow a vote on the Senate-passed bill.  Schumer said in a statement that  "it’s clear a majority of the House supports immigration reform. A minority faction has scared Republicans out of acting even though large parts of the Republican base, including business and religious groups, support the bill, making a discharge petition an appropriate remedy.”  An immigration bill has been stalled in the House since last summer, when the Senate passed their version. 

Immigrant policy and Justin Bieber: Why some get deported, others don't - AZCentral  A petition to revoke Justin Bieber's green card and have him deported is now up to nearly 258,000 signatures, but don't expect the "Baby" singer to lose his legal status just yet. Bieber may have charged with a DUI,  resisting arrest and driving with an expired driver’s license but legal experts say the singer's wealth and fame will serve as protection from deportation. From the story: 

“I don’t think it will happen,” said Carl Shusterman, a former immigration prosecutor who is now a private immigration lawyer in Los Angeles. “He’s a big moneymaker.”

Debt limit saves GOP from political showdown - Washington Post The Republican strategy for tackling a mid-term election year, as reported by the Washington Post, is to avoid immigration as "House Republicans from predominantly white districts see no political imperative to act this year. They fear days of divisive, internal debate over the issue could undercut their standing, especially with core conservative voters."  But Frank Sharry, executive director of the pro-immigration group America’s Voice, said that politicians' decision to avoid immigration this year will hurt them in the long run. 

Immigration Is Beautiful” Mural Defaced With Racist Graffiti In Kansas (PHOTOS) - Buzzfeed High school students painted a pro-immigration mural in Witchita, Kansas, which has reportedly seen the percentage of Latino students double over the last decade, from 15 percent to 31 percent. But they woke this morning to find it defaced with graffiti reading “KKK,” “welfare,” and “wetback." An artist working with the students said they expected "pushback" on their artwork.