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Take the Halloween costume poll: How do you feel about ethnic drag?

Multi-American's sister blog DCentric at WAMU in Washington D.C. has a nifty poll going today titled, "Is it racist to dress up as a particular ethnicity for Halloween?"

By the responses that have come in so far, it seems that many of their readers are offended by the fact that others find "ethnic" costumes offensive. "People are just too sensitive," one person wrote. "Get a grip." Another defended the use of blackface.

Any readers here care to chime in on DCentric's poll? Here are the questions:

Is it racist to dress up as a particular ethnicity for Halloween?

- Yes. Any costume depicting an entire ethnic group is offensive.

- Yes, most of the time. It"s wrong to wear a costume perpetuating negative stereotypes, but some costumes aren"t negative.

- No, most of the time. People are being overly sensitive. Blackface is going too far, but I don"t have much of a problem with most such costumes.

- No. Halloween is a time for fun. Anything and everything goes.

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