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Will the Dream Act matter to Latino voters in 2012?

Source: impreMedia and Latino Decisions

Will the failure of the Dream Act in Congress last December matter to voters in the 2012 election? The polling firm Latino Decisions has published the results of a tracking poll, conducted with the publishing company impreMedia, whose findings indicate that it well could.

From the report released today:

We broke out support for the DREAM Act by intended vote choice in 2012 and found regardless of how Latinos will vote, a very strong majority support the DREAM Act. Among Obama voters, 79% strongly support and 14% somewhat support the DREAM Act – that’s 93% support for seeing this bill passed among the President’s Latino base. Further, among those who say they are undecided 62% strongly support DREAM with 23% somewhat support, all told 85% in favor.

Even among those who plan to vote for a GOP candidate in 2012, Republican contenders should take note, that Republican leaning Latinos also supported the DREAM Act by a big margin: 52% strongly support and 23% somewhat support, totaling to 75% approval of the bill.

The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act would have provided conditional legal status for qualifying undocumented immigrants who arrived as minors before age 16 and either attended college or did military service. It was approved in the House in early December, but fell short of the necessary votes in the Senate.

The results of the tracking poll indicated that "the lack of progress on immigration may be hurting opinions of the Democrats, not just Republicans," the report reads. The full report can be read here.