Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: A racially diverse Oregon, Muslims targeted, biracial twins, Arizona's stringent immigration proposals, more

Oregon's 2010 Census shows striking Latino and Asian gains - New census data is showing that Oregon's Latino population climbed 63 percent in 10 years. The state's Asian population has also grown dramatically, by 41 percent.

Protest outside NY Rep King's office - Wall Street Journal Planned House hearings on the "radicalization of the American Muslim community" drew protesters on both sides of the issue to the New York Republican's Long Island office earlier this week.

Local Muslims outraged by alleged FBI surveillance, lawyers claim - Los Angeles Times A lawsuit filed Tuesday accuses the FBI and seven employees of infringing on the constitutional rights of hundreds of members of the local Muslim community by using paid informants to infiltrate mosques.

Twins, One White, One Black Born to Biracial Parents Stirs Up Issues of Race - ABC News The twins born to a biracial couple highlight the national trend, with one in seven marriages now between partners of different races.

New Anti-Immigration Bills in Arizona - New York Times More on Arizona's proposed sweeping immigration restrictions, approved by a state senate committee earlier this week.