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The Salazar corrido, "El 29 de Agosto"

Did you know there was a corrido recorded in memory of Ruben Salazar, the Los Angeles Times and KMEX-TV journalist killed 40 years ago yesterday while reporting on a protest in East L.A?

I didn't. But courtesy of a tweet from @LAHistory, I heard it for the first time today. The corrido, titled "El 29 de Agosto" ("The 29th of August"), was recorded by Lalo Gutierrez, the multiple-award-winning "Father of Chicano Music," who died in 2005. Among Gutierrez's many honors was a National Medal of Arts, awarded to him in 1996.

The 1970 killing of Salazar, who was fatally struck in the head by a tear gas projectile, continues to prompt speculation. The LAT, which in recent months has attempted to obtain records of the investigation into his death, reported yesterday that Los Angeles Police Department record show that the journalist had a contentious relationship with law enforcement prior to his death.