Larry Mantle |

Be it ever so humble...

It’s good to be back in Southern California after a week in the hothouse of Tampa.  I mean that in both the weather and political senses.
Even though we were largely inside from 9 in the morning to 11 at night, every trip outside provided exposure to extreme humidity and more than 90-degree temperatures.  Couple that with a long wait through security to get back into the building and there wasn’t much incentive to go anywhere.
On the political side, I forget (or block out) how intense these party conventions can be.  It’s an alternate universe, where most everyone recognizes even minor national political figures.  It’s like walking through Beverly Hills with an editor from People magazine.
It makes me feel at a bit of a disadvantage, as a generalist who talks a lot of politics, but doesn’t devote himself to it exclusively.  When you hear some of the political reporters from around the country, there are times it sounds more like advanced math than policy.  From delegate counts to Congressional seats in play to dueling budget scenarios, it gets highly detailed very quickly.  The first couple of days of the convention, I feel like I’m trying to catch up and get my head around all the subplots.
Of course, just as I start feeling like I’m getting it down, we come home.  Regardless, I have terrific memories of the week.  Out team of producers, engineers, and reporter Frank Stoltze really enjoyed working together on your behalf.  Let’s do it again in four more years.