Larry Mantle |

A wild morning at KPCC

I got the first word of a problem from “AirTalk” senior producer Linda Othenin-Girard shortly after 7 this morning.  Her text message alerted me to the likelihood that we wouldn’t be able to do a live show today.

Like every other weekday, I was geared up and excited to talk about our segments for the morning.  Our centerpiece was President Obama’s meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister, and what it means for ongoing debate about Iran’s nuclear program.

However, that would have to wait.  Our first priority was to come up with previously aired hours that we could rebroadcast this morning, given our technical inability to do a live show.

As best I understand it, our digital audio system completely crashed around 5 this morning.  We had no ability to pull audio from our storage system, severely limiting Steve Julian’s ability to gather local news stories for “Morning Edition.”  However, given Steve’s, and his producer’s, resourcefulness, they were able to transfer a limited number of stories to a portable hard drive from which they could be aired.

For “Madeleine Brand” and “AirTalk,” there was simply no way to do a live show.  We were without a functional phone system, and had only one working studio in the entire Mohn Broadcast Center. 

However, we’re now back and running full speed.  Our engineers, who’ve been working since early this morning, are still trouble-shooting to fully understand what caused the crash.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.

I’ll be off tomorrow morning to prepare for a special “AirTalk” Super Tuesday election wrap-up tomorrow night.  I’ll be on with a terrific lineup of guests immediately following NPR’s Super Tuesday coverage, at approximately 7 p.m.  David Lazarus will fill in for me tomorrow morning.