Larry Mantle |

Martin Scorsese sounds like a kid

That’s what I discovered when interviewing him for an “AirTalk” segment that airs Wednesday morning in our first hour.  It was infectious to hear his excitement about movies and what he’s continuing to learn about the art form.

Scorsese is well-known for his championing of film preservation and appreciation of silent cinema.  In his current movie, “Hugo,” he’s been able to combine his love of movie history with a family-friendly story he filmed for his 12-year-old daughter.  Though some of our “Film Week” critics thought the film was a cold creampuff, it emotionally connected with me.

As a fan of Scorsese’s earlier films and his latest, hearing his dedication to learning how best to use new technology was a pleasure.  One of the highlights of our conversation was hearing Scorsese laugh as he recounted George Lucas telling him, “this is what I’ve been talking about!” when hearing his friend was finally embracing special effects and 3-D.  We should all be so open to learning new tricks.