Larry Mantle |

Believing the unbelievable

Tuesday morning on “AirTalk,” we reported on GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain’s conference call with aides in which he seemed to pave the way toward dropping out of the race.  This followed Monday’s claim from an Atlanta woman that she and Cain had, until just before the campaign was launched, been romantically involved for 13 years.

I find this whole story unbelievable.  I don’t mean that I disbelieve either person’s account.  What doesn’t make sense to me is that if Cain and the woman were in a relationship, why he didn’t figure out how to deal with it first.  By the same token, I don’t see any reason why a woman who’s known Cain for 13 years would falsely claim they were lovers.  Neither scenario makes sense.

The nature of their friendship or relationship may never be known.  However, the allegation is almost certain to hurt an already reeling campaign.  As you read this, Cain may have already dropped out.  If so, it’s another example of the power of allegations of sexual behavior to determine many a political fate.

As for me, I’m far less interested in a politician’s personal sex life than strong, detailed, allegations of abusive behavior.  We hear many stories of politicians behaving poorly with staff and others within their sphere of influence.  That’s, to me, the real indicator of character – how someone behaves when they think they’re free to act however they like.