Larry Mantle |

What will Friday bring?

Every day in Egypt brings new developments, but the biggest anticipation yet is over what happens Friday.  Anti-Mubarak protestors hope to get their largest turnout in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, following Saturday prayers.  What’s not known is how the government and its supporters will respond.

Thursday morning on AirTalk, we spoke with reporter Sonia Verma of Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper.  Earlier Thursday, she and two dozen other journalists were forcibly taken to a secured area where their passports and equipment were seized.  After several hours, she and here fellow detainees were released and their passports and gear returned.

However, one of the most significant aspects of her experience was that the area where the reporters was taken was secured by the army.  To this point, the army has generally stayed out of the fray.  Ms. Verma told us it was clear that the soldiers were following government orders to work with those who commandeered journalists’ cars.

What will the army’s response be to Friday’s protests?  How many pro-Mubarak supporters and government security employees will turn out to take on the protestors?  We’ll soon find out.