Larry Mantle |

Frankenfish, otherwise known as genetically-modified salmon

Tuesday on AirTalk, we’ll hear from experts and listeners about the current FDA hearing into the new species of salmon that grows twice the natural rate.  The agency has already determined that the modified salmon isn’t substantially different than conventional, meaning that approval for sale probably wouldn’t require special labeling for consumers.

I understand the “ick” factor associated with genetically modified food, although we’ve been doing it in agriculture for some time now.  It’s hard not to conjure images of Frankenstein.

However, supporters of bioengineered food see it as similar to breeding animals for specific food characteristics, with the added advantage of dramatically increasing supplies.

What do you think about the fast-growing salmon?  Would you purchase bio-engineered salmon?  If engineered salmon doesn’t have to be identified, might that keep you from purchasing any salmon?