Larry Mantle |

"AirTalk" getting ready to head to Arizona

Our plan is to broadcast live from the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix on the day that SB 1070 goes into effect. We still don't know if a court will block implementation of the law, but we're planning to be there on Thursday, July 29th, ready to fill you in on Day One.

Several Southland-based labor and immigrant rights groups are planning to send buses of protestors to Phoenix, where they'll be joined by activists from other states. We'll be talking with them, as well as Arizona-based supporters of the law.

What are the odds a court will delay the law, or ultimately striking it down? If the law goes into effect, what do you think the impact will be on the state? Are both sides overestimating its impact, or do you think it will have a significant effect on the numbers of illegal immigrants in Arizona or on the lives of legal resident Latinos there?