Larry Mantle |

LeBron James is commanding the center ring spotlight

Even non-sports fans have been inundated with coverage of LeBron James' decision on where he'll play next season. Those of us who follow the NBA knew there'd be great interest in his announcement, but likely never anticipated this level of hype.

Some listeners posted comments highly critical of us talking about the choreography surrounding LeBron's announcement. However, this has become a full-blown pop cultural phenomenon. I think it will end up backfiring and hurting James' image. As one of our listeners said, "There's been more attention on LeBron's decision than on the Lakers actually winning the championship."

We're at the point where even core pro basketball fans are getting seriously turned off. This was the long-awaited off-season where the league's biggest stars could determine where they'll play. It should have been exciting and fun. Now it looks like the process, like so much in our world, has been hijacked by the hype machine.