Larry Mantle |

"Stop the World, I Want to Get Off"

was the title of a 1960s musical (no, not an adult film), but might also describe the through-line for Thursday’s “AirTalk.”

We’ll be talking about a new study showing that lack of sleep is strongly correlated with lower life expectancy. This is yet another study showing the serious health consequences of cutting back on sleep to add more and more work and activities to our days.

A professor has given his class the assignment of unplugging from current technology like smart phones, laptops, iPods, etc. Instead, the students are expected to make do with landlines, music tapes, and other primitive forms of communication and media. What are the students learning about themselves and their world?

Also, a look at how high noise levels are hurting our health and creativity.

Whether you want to stop the world and get off or not, we’ll look at what tradeoffs we’re making in adapting to modern amenities and demands