Larry Mantle |

Enjoying the heat in Washington, DC

I'm just back from a family vacation in DC, during which we enjoyed unseasonably warm temperatures. Highs were in the 80s, and the nights were balmy as well. The District was beautiful, with cherry blossoms and tulips in full bloom.

Best of all, touring the Smithsonian, Capitol, and monuments reminded me of the amazing history of our country, despite our youth. I hadn't been in DC for over ten years, so the recharge was very welcome.

Our eight-year-old son, Desmond, also enjoyed the trip, though his favorite part was riding the Metro subway. He's a devoted map-reader and navigator, so he insisted on planning our travel wherever we went.

During our stay we had dinner at KPCC Capitol correspondent Kitty Felde's place. She and her husband, Tad, live in an architecturally and demographically-mixed neighborhood near the new Nationals Stadium. I sure see what attracted them to the area. After dinner we walked along the waterfront, enjoying the lights of the city and the warm evening.

We also met up with former "AirTalk" producer Mindy Steinman and her fiance, Jack Shaw. You know Jack from his frequent KPCC guest appearances talking about Congress. Jack covers Congress for MarketNews International. He took us on a first-rate tour of the Capitol, including the Senate press room.

Congress was in recess during the time we were in Washington, but the city was swamped by touring students. They looked exhausted, but were really well behaved. I was impressed with their general attentiveness, despite their long days of sightseeing.

It's a pleasure to be back with you. I hope you and your family have a chance to do some interesting travel this year.