Larry Mantle |

Gavin Newsom Drops Out

It was about a month ago that "AirTalk" callers and I talked with the San Francisco mayor. He was high energy in pitching the changes he said he'd bring to California, including an emphasis on building a green economy.

However, with AG Jerry Brown taking most of of the campaign contributions available to Democrats, Newsom could never get ahead of the financial curve. Donors must see Brown as the safer choice, given Newsom's personal behavior and what we hear is his lack of statewide name recognition. It's hard for me to believe that Newsom is so unknown outside of the Bay Area, but that's what pollsters claim. I would've thought his efforts on behalf of same-sex marriage and his alcohol and marital problems would've put him on even casual voters' radar screens. He certainly lives, and governs, large.

Monday on "AirTalk," we'll talk with state campaign analysts and open the phone lines for you to comment on what this does to the governor's race. Given Newsom's polling, maybe the effect is minimal. However, barring Diane Feinstein running, it would seem Jerry Brown can just save his money to fight it out with a wealthy, self-financed, Republican nominee.