Kitty Felde |

McKeon says Obama doing nothing on Libya

The comment came at the end of a press conference announcing a bill that would block funding for any detainee facility in the continental United States.  Reporters working on other stories often hang around till the end, hoping to get a quote they can drop in their own story.  And someone asked the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee to comment on how the White House is handling the ongoing unrest in Libya.

Republican Congressman Buck McKeon of Santa Clarita responded, "would you like me to second guess the President, is that what you're asking?" he asked the reporter.  "I don't think we will engage in that at this time."

"We'll kind of let the President handle that.  He's doing a great job, I guess.  Of doing nothing."

And in case reporters were snoozing, he repeated: "of doing nothing, I said."