Kitty Felde |

UCI still snubbed by Congress

In California, the really important battles are always over water. This time, the victims were UCI volleyball players and very nearly the entire University of Maryland basketball team.

Let me explain.

One of the most benign acts of Congress is the ritual of resolutions - official congratulations to the winning team in some tournament. Today, it was a measure honoring the University of Maryland's men's basketball team. But GOP Congressman John Campbell of Irvine had other ideas. Instead of the usual voice vote, Campbell demanded a roll call vote...and nearly got enough votes to defeat the resolution.

Why? It all goes back to a similar resolution last fall honoring Campbell's hometown heroes, the men's volleyball team at UC Irvine. The Irvine resolution was Democratic Maryland Congressman (and Majority Leader) Steny Hoyer. The Maryland resolution was sponsored by Hoyer. Tit for tat.

Actually, it was tit for tit for tat.

Campbell says Hoyer shot down the Irvine resolution at the behest of nothern California Congressman George Miller, the head of the House Education and Labor Committee. Why? Water.

Campbell voted against a Miller water bill. Which failed. Campbell says southern Californians never vote for northern California water bills.

And so the thirsty UCI Anteaters still go unrecognized by the US Congress.