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Announcing LAist Studios

We've got some news to share.

Today, we launch LAist Studios, a podcast studio built to tell the stories of Los Angeles to the world. Our work will represent the L.A. state of mind — at its best: ambitious, inventive, unexpected, meaningful, diverse and, yes, not afraid to have some fun.

We know that this is a city of tastemakers, creators and hustlers and that is why we want to start our search for the next great podcast here, with you. What story must be told? What voice must be heard? We want to make podcasts that reflect the real Los Angeles. We believe we live in a city that is showing the way to the future.

We've already produced podcasts that reflect this vision:

Our cinematic take on earthquake preparedness, "The Big One: Your Survival Guide"
"Tell Them, I Am", a show about the small moments in life that define us. The stories were universal but the voices were all Muslim.

Those podcasts were uniquely L.A. in tone, but downloaded around the globe.

Now, we're excited for more.

That brings us back to you, and the role we hope you will play in this next LAist chapter. To tell your stories, we need you to pitch them.

We're looking to make podcasts that are:

Fueled by quality journalism. That means fact-based stories with impact.
Inspired by the "L.A. conversation," both actually and spiritually.
Any other stories — fact or fiction — that speak to who we are as Angelenos

So go on. Don't be shy. Head on over to to pitch your idea and learn more about what we want to make.

We're listening. And we hope you will too.