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California Drought News: A Song of Ice and Fire

Daenerys of
Daenerys of "Game of Thrones."

Welcome to all of our new readers who came here expecting "Game of Thrones" spoilers. Sorry for the confusion. This song of ice and fire is related to today's drought news.

Today's dryku:
Hey, HBO fans
Here is your spoiler alert:
Summer is coming


They plan to diversify to include opening in the summer for mountain bikers and hikers, and perhaps even holding concerts. (BBC)


Firefighting costs have also hit new highs, forcing the state to draw on emergency funds to supplement its firefighting budget of more than $1 billion. Since July of 2013, some $130 million has been tapped from the state emergency fund. Cal Fire’s Mr. Berlant says the agency estimates it will have spent some $212 million in additional emergency funds fighting fires by the end of June of this year, when the fiscal year wraps. (Christian Science Monitor)


Quick hits:

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