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Song of the Week: "Desert Sun," for the California Assembly's Calico Solar action

Courtesy MojaveDesertBlog

Pacific Swell's song this week was inspired by the news about the Calico Solar facility proposed in San Bernardino county. Louis Sahagun of the Los Angeles Times reports that the California Assembly is putting a 663-acre project near Ludlow on rails, fast tracking its approval so that it can meet deadlines in the Energy Commission. 

When what's generally called Calico got fast-tracked a couple of years ago, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar called it "one of several projects in the pipeline that will help California and the nation build a renewable energy economy." Tessera Solar was supposed to sell the power to Southern California Edison; the future looked bright. It didn't turn out that way. Tessera sold to K Road. At best, the project has been embattled: it's been dragged into court. But if the Assembly's legislation takes effect, its fortunes could change. Writes Sahagun:

Today, Calico Solar has no power purchase agreement with a utility, no financing and no construction start date, and it faces a lawsuit by environmentalists. But with the Energy Commission's approval, the project could become an attractive acquisition for a big solar developer. 

The song this week has no lyrics. "Desert Sun," by Keith Jarrett. Gary Peacock on double bass. Jack DeJohnette on drums. It's from his album, Live at the Blue Note. Be warned, it's 28 minutes long. But like this story, you don't know where it's going. 

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