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New California ballot initiative demands GMO food labeling

flydime/Flickr Creative Commons License

Proponents of a California bill requiring labels that would clearly identify GMO (genetically modified organism) produce delivered close to one million signatures to state officials this week. These are foods that have had their DNA altered in some way, generally to make them resistant to certain pesticides.

As reported by NBC Los Angeles, the California Right to Know Campaign collected twice the number of votes required to land the Genetically Engineered Food Act on the state ballot in November. The signatures were delivered to the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk’s office in Norwalk this Wednesday to the delight of a large crowd of supporters.

"I was brought up on a farm and feel really strongly about authenticity when you're selling something," said one such supporter, Zuri Allen, at the Norwalk rally to NBC Los Angeles. "And I think it's the consumer's right to know. It's as American as apple pie."

Opponents to the measure include biotech firm Monsanto Corp and Dow Chemical, who are cultivating pesticide-resistant corn and soybean seeds, respectively.