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Controversy: California FGC President kills mountain lion in Idaho

A photograph of an adult mountain lion.
A photograph of an adult mountain lion.
ltshears and julielangford/Wikimedia Commons

Dan Richards, the current president of California’s Fish and Game Commission president, is in a whirlwind of controversy after a photo was released showing him posing with a dead mountain lion he killed in Idaho. While hunting mountain lions is illegal here in California, hunting the big cats is allowed in Idaho.

Even though the hunt was perfectly legal in Idaho, it has still generated plenty of outrage here in California with the picture, which Richards shared with the Western Outdoor News, who originally published the photo, according to The California Majority Report. They've released a scathing editorial (along with the offending photo, so please proceed with caution) calling for California Governor Jerry Brown to replace Richards, also stating that he’s opposed the Marine Life Protection Act in the past. The U.S. Humane Society has posted the picture to their Facebook page, suggesting that users "drop a (polite) email to the folks at the Fish and Game Commission and ask for a new president."

While they are a protected species in California, there is no shortage of mountain lion vs. man confrontations. Earlier this month, a man in El Centro had to pay a $500 fee for killing a mountain lion he says attacked him while hunting deer.