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IMAGE: How much space do we need to transport 60 people?

Recently, we reported on a new study from the University of California, Berkeley, that showed the hybrid’s expulsion from the car pool lane slowed traffic for all of us. We all lost out when California ended its incentive program to encourage driver to purchase hybrids.

But a subtext of this study might point out that how uncommon it is for Californians to ride with a passenger in their car. We can’t seem to move out of our single driver monopoly of the roads. While single driving in Southern California is connected to what is perceived as a lack of practical public transportation, it’s also an attitude of convenience. Most don’t want to give up their cars because it simply remains the easiest way to transport them around the city. Even if it means sitting in their cars hours upon end.

The above image is not new, but has recently grabbed a second life on the social media outlets such as Facebook and Tumblr. It can really make us think about how we utilize our shared space in this city, as well as the lengths we will go to hold onto our car culture. Essentially, we need to consider the impact of our car culture has not only on our air quality but also on our shared space.

Image courtesy of the Press Office City of Munster, Germany