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Morning greens: Ads, Bees and Cigarettes

rainlead Morning greens: It’s raining, so don’t go in the ocean. Urban runoff that washes onto our beaches with the rains means poor water quality, reports LAist.

Pasadena will continue Cordova Street’s road diet. Some motorists have complained that narrowing the road slows traffic unnecessarily, but the city has decided to prioritize pedestrian and bicyclist safety issues, reports Streetsblog LA.

Santa Monica lifts ban on backyard beekeeping. Reports SM Mirror: “Now, up to two hives per a single-family property will be permitted if the beekeeper registers with the city’s Animal Control Office. Also included in the ordinance are hive placing requirements, screening and management specifics to prevent nuisance problems.”

Californians continue to kick the cigarette habit. Reports LA Times: “The percentage of California adults who smoke has continued to drop more than the national average, according to new data released Monday by state health officials. Still, deep disparities exist depending on gender, education, income, ethnicity and region.”

California will get a new organic grocery chain. Reports SF Chronicle: “Sunflower Farmers Market, a rapidly growing value-priced organic and natural foods grocer in six Southwestern states, is set to open its first store in California in April 2011.” (via TriplePundit)

Lastly and brightly: Are digital billboards bad for the environment? NY Times’ Green reports on a study that claims “Digital billboards, which are made of LED lights, consume lots of energy and are made of components that will turn into e-waste once the billboard’s life has ended.”

A pedestrian walks through a flooded gutter in Los Angeles, Monday, Dec. 20, 2010. (Photo: Damian Dovarganes/AP)