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James Cameron wants Prop 23 terminated

Although Proposition 19 has gotten significant attention, campaigns both in support and opposition of Proposition 23 have received almost $40 million in donations according to Maplight (compared to Ballotpedia's count of under $4 million for Proposition 19). But now your votes can be influenced by the visionary behind the most profitable movie ever released in theaters. That’s right: James Cameron recorded a public service announcement just for you and me about the dangers of Proposition 23.

He may also spend the entire minute-plus spot plugging his famous films and shoehorning their plots into an environmentally friendly message. Admittedly, Avatar fits the bill, but somehow a cyborg apocalypse can be prevented by not repealing AB 32? Cameron also takes a moment to joke with our esteemed lame duck governor. Precious.

To be fair, passing Prop 23 could conceivably melt more of those dastardly icebergs and clear up shipping lanes for a much more uplifting Titanic 2.