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Lawsuit claims LA elementary schools skipping PE


A class-action lawsuit filed in San Francisco alleges school districts across the state - including Los Angeles Unified and Riverside - are not providing students the required amount of physical education.

"School districts are not providing the P.E. students need," said Donald Driscoll, attorney for the plaintiff. "Schools are responsible of listening and following the law and provide kids physical education they have to so kids can study and be healthy."

The lawsuit was filed in October by Cal200, an advocacy group that takes it's name from California state law, which dictates "elementary students in grades 1-6 receive a minimum of 200 minutes each ten days."

Driscoll said Cal200 was founded by Marc Babin whose children are no longer school age. Babin declined to comment through his attorney.

A San Francisco judge in June instructed all elementary school staff at 37 school districts - including Los Angeles Unified - to hold on to records showing physical education instruction is being provided to students. L.A. Unified sent letters out to staff, relaying the order last week.

No monetary damages are sought - though if successful, the plaintiff may request attorney fees.

Mampre Pomakian, attorney for the Los Angles Unified School District, said staff is amid "fact finding" exercises, and could not comment further on the case.

The next hearing is set for August.