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After public outcry, LA school board member moves to reinstate iPad critic to committee

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Los Angeles Unified school board member Bennett Kayser wants the board to reinstate a critic of the district's iPad program to the committee overseeing its school bonds.

Architect Stuart Magruder fought against the iPad program all school year, arguing the bond money used to purchase the devices for a one-to-one technology program would be better spent on building and repairing campuses. 

School board member Tamar Galatzan led the effort to toss Magruder off the Bond Oversight Committee last month. 

Within days, Magruder supporters launched a petition demanding he be reappointed, quickly gathering more than 500 signatures. Fellow committee members also rallied behind Magruder.

The oversight committee's lawyer said appointments should be free from political motives and claims the board violated the committee's founding documents. One of the seats is designated for the Los Angeles chapter of the American Institute of Architects - and Magruder is the group's nominee.

Lawyers for L.A. Unified said the board can revoke nominees.

Under school board procedure, Kayser's motion will be read on Tuesday and go to the board for a vote on June 17.

Superintendent John Deasy could have expedited the vote by re-introducing an original motion to continue Magruder's appointment, but did not.