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LA schools' iPads missing another key accessory: earbuds

Kelly Hogaboom/ Flickr

The Los Angeles Unified School District is rush ordering tens of thousands of earbuds - a necessary accessory for students to take standardized tests next month.

Lisa Karahalios, a teacher who sits on the school board's Common Core Technology Project Ad Hoc Committee, pointed out at a meeting this week that the district's January purchase of 45,000 iPads for new digital tests neglected to include headphones.

“Part of the English test is auditory," Karahalios said. "So headphones versus earbuds? Do you have an RFP out for that? Have you made a decision?"

It's not the first rush order. The district had to quickly buy keyboards last year for use on the tests, too.

Officials did not budget for the keyboards or headphones in iPad purchases last fall. The keyboards cost about $24 each. The earbuds are coming in $1.25 each.