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California analyst office faults governor's proposed college funding

California Governor Jerry Brown.
California Governor Jerry Brown.
Adolfo Guzman-Lopez

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In a report issued Wednesday California's Legislative Analyst’s Office said it has "serious concerns" about Governor Jerry Brown's approach to funding public colleges and universities.
Brown's January budget proposal included a $1.2 billion funding increase for California's community colleges and public universities. But the LAO criticized Brown for not specifying how that extra money would be used, saying its only purpose seemed to be to keep tuition from going up.

The analyst's office wants the governor to link funding to inflation and rising enrollment at Cal State schools and community colleges. The agency also recommends tuition increases to cover rising costs.
The LAO recommended lawmakers reject the governor's plan.

HD Palmer, Brown's finance spokesman said the governor is making demands on public universities by tying proposed increases to higher graduation rates. He said he's not worried about the LAO report.

"That's the same thing they recommended last year," he said, "and the legislature chose to take the governor's approach."