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LA school board nixes non-voting advocate position for south district

Photo by Jonathan/Night Owl City via Flickr Creative Commons

The Los Angeles Unified School District's Board of Education has changed its mind about appointing an advocate for District 1.

Last month, the board voted to allow member Steve Zimmer to figure out the responsibilities and legal parameters of a temporary, non-voting board member. But a proposal to move the appointment forward failed in a 3-3 vote Tuesday. 

"I - as a former history teacher - believe very much in the electoral process," said board president Richard Vladovic, who voted in favor of the position in January, but against moving forward on Tuesday.

When Marguerite LaMotte passed away in December, stakeholders stood dozens deep and spoke for several hours during public comments about how the board should replace her.

The community was split: some wanted an election; others, an appointment. 

The school board voted to hold an election, and Zimmer proposed appointing a non-voting advocate until those proceedings conclude and a new member joins the board.

After the failed vote Tuesday, some board members started talking about their reasoning.

"The constituents in District 1 need to know why people voted against an appointment and this process," board member Monica Ratliff  said.

But Vladovic cut the discussion short.

"I don't think this dialog is a good process to justify our votes," he said, and called the next item of business.