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Superintendent debate lights up political circles - but what about stroller circles?


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Days of speculation over whether the superintendent of L.A. Unified would stay or go has been dominating local headlines. The matter finally came to a close Tuesday night, when the school board voted to continue his contract - and Superintendent John Deasy said he'd stay.

An average group of parents gathered outside Logan St. Elmentary during pick up time Wednesday afternoon said they saw the stories - but, for the most part, the drama seemed irrelevant.

"I just heard it this morning on the news," said Jessica Martinez, whose daughter is in kindergarten. "But honestly, I didn't really pay attention."

Parent Joey Gibson said the media went into overkill. In his mind, the most important school employee is his daughter's kindergarten teacher.

"I was just telling my wife, we got pretty lucky," said Gibson, "Her teacher is really hands on and all about the kids."

Maria Reynoso was the lone voice in this handful of a Echo Park parents who disagreed.

She said the right superintendent is crucial for a school system - especially for schools that have struggled through years of severe budget cuts. The superintendent decides where the money goes, she pointed out.

And she wants Deasy to spend a little more of it on her school.

"We are short a nurse," Reynoso said. "We need counselors. We need psychologists. Besides more supplies, we need important people."