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LA Unified hosts iPad forum

Second grader Ramiro V. plays a math game on an iPads at Komienza Community Prep in Huntington Park.
Second grader Ramiro V. plays a math game on an iPads at Komienza Community Prep in Huntington Park.
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As parents' unanswered questions about the Los Angeles Unified School District's iPad program pile up, school board member Monica Ratliff is inviting parents and community members to bring concerns to a committee meeting Tuesday night.

Last week, Superintendent John Deasy announced the district wants to slow the entire $1 billion implementation plan, which includes updating network infrastructure.

Ratliff said she has her own set of questions for district administration.

"Some of the answers that have been provided to the subcommittee have been inconsistent," Ratliff said during a recent school board meeting. "And, other questions remain unanswered, and some key tasks remain incomplete."

Chief among them, the discussion of parents responsibility for lost and stolen iPads. Parents have been compelled to sign a contract assuming liability, but district officials said Apple will replace some devices under some circumstances.

Several iPads have already been reported missing since the $50 million pilot phase began earlier this school year.

Then there was the infamous "hack" - when students disabled the internet security system on devices. District officials said a routine update will tighten future security efforts, but some leery principals have kept iPads pulled from classrooms.

At some campuses, wifi networks remain too dated to support the iPad surge.

But full implementation funds has yet to be approved by the school board, where some members have expressed reservations.

Tuesday's meeting will be held from 5:30 to 8:30 pm in the board room at district headquarters, 333 S. Beaudry Ave., Los Angeles. Questions and comments can also be submitted via email at

Can't attend? You can follow KPCC's Annie Gilbertson to read tweets from the meeting.