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Colleges ranked by "bang for your buck", California schools dominate list

California schools ranked high in
California schools ranked high in "bang for your buck."
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Who doesn’t love a good list?

The Washington Monthly does. It's just released its annual college guide, ranking colleges not on measures of wealth and exclusivity (as the magazine claims is the case with the U.S. News & World Report list), but by measuring a school's contributions to students and society at large.

The good news for California is that five of the top 10 schools in the nation are within the Golden State's boundaries.

  1. UC San Diego, score: 100
  2. Stanford University (the only private university in the top 10)
  3. UC Berkeley, score: 90
  4. UC Los Angeles, score: 87
  5. UC Riverside, score: 85

Kevin Carey of the New America Foundation guest edited this year's list. He says the rankings are based on three factors:

Social Mobility: Recruiting and graduating low-income students

Research: Producing cutting-edge scholarship and PhDs

Service: Encouraging students to do something worthwhile for their country

Take a look at the list (or check out these break downs of the top Liberal Arts Colleges,  Master’s UniversityBaccalaureate Colleges) and tell us what you think.

Did you or your kids get enough 'bang for the buck?' Or have you overpaid for education?