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LAUSD committee suggests cutting credit, course requirements for graduation


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An LAUSD committee has proposed, and in some cases approved, sweeping changes to L.A. Unified's current system. This includes dropping the number of credits needed to graduate and making non-academic classes, like health and technology, optional for graduation.

High school health teacher Matthew French said his class covers sex ed and other topics essential for students.

"Obesity, STDs..." listed French. "So this isn’t just about getting kids ready for college, it’s about getting them ready for life."

The district wants to kick out some non-academic classes, like health ed, so students have more flexibility to retake academic requirements they may have failed.

Meanwhile, the proposal about graduation credits seeks to drop the required number from 230 to 170 units. District officials said that it, like making health courses optional, would give students flexibility to make up failed classes during the year.

L.A. Unified is phasing in a requirement for all students to graduate with the classes needed for University of California admission, starting with the class of 2016.

The proposal to drop graduation credits could come before the L.A. Board of Education next month.